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Up to this point the style that I’ve mainly used throughout my career has been a Mixed Media technique that incorporates hand painting, screen printing and sometimes collage on paper, wood, and canvas. 

At the age of six, I attended a Michael Jackson concert at Madison Square Garden with a schoolmate and her mother. There was a strange looking guy with white hair sitting right in front of us who asked to take our picture. After he took the photo, I asked the girl’s mother who the guy was and she told me it was Andy Warhol. I then asked her what he did for a living and her answer was that I would find out when I got older. Years later I did some research, found out all about “The Factory” and how he used screen-printing to create his art. This chance encounter is what got me interested in the silkscreen process.

Coca Cola and the Development of a New Style

After the Coca Cola commission in 2001, where I produced 100 original screenprints for their top executives on the east coast, I was able to take some time off and briefly make art for art’s sake. During this period I stopped drawing and begin to experiment with color by throwing it around on paper reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. This allowed me to first understand how color corresponds to one another and when I took it a step further and finally added images within it, I understood how various colors could make the same image feel entirely different.